Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program is in its 26th year and currently more than 300 volunteers support patients, visitors and staff.  These services range from supporting the Foundation through assisting health programs, administration and fundraising.

Volunteers provide an invaluable service for our Foundation that allows us to reach targets and continue to support our community’s health service. The success of the Volunteer Program has reached far and wide as we continue to recruit many new volunteers through word of mouth and testimonials.

“As a volunteer, I have found working and supporting the community organisation scheme a rewarding experience.” - Kimberley Banea

“There are many reasons why I enjoy volunteering.  The main couple are because I enjoy meeting other people and I receive a lot of personal satisfaction from being able to contribute to a worthwhile organization.  The staff of the FNQHF and in particular, my immediate supervisor, are a great group of people who always make one feel comfortable and part of the team.”
- Keith Forman

To join our volunteer program, contact our Volunteer Manager:

Anne Chirio
Ph: (07) 4226 8993
Email: volunteers@fnqhf.org.au