If you are a local researcher working on a health issue that particularly affects those living in Far North Queensland and your research relates to health problems that are unique or disproportionately represented in Far North Queensland, you can apply for research grants. Individual grants of up to $5000 are available, plus the Foundation now issues TWO grants of $25,000 each, each year.
Deadline: This website will be updated when the next round of grants opens.
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Education, Training and Professional Development

If you are a health care worker who wishes to attend a conference, workshop or seminar to enhance your professional skills, you may be eligible to apply for an Education, Training and Professional Development grant from the Foundation. Individual grants of up to $1500 are available. Employees are expected to have used their Professional Development Allowance for the year in which they apply, and to have discussed their application with their line manager. Please look at your own PDA situation (more information HERE ) and discuss with your manager before filling in your application. You also will need electronic copies (pdfs or image scans) of receipts or quotes (eg copies of web page with conference fees, airline and hotel costs). The Foundation will not approve applications without documentation. Applications must be for conferences in the current calendar year - and this can be retrospective (i.e. activity occurred from January 1 until the time of application) or prospective (for activities that will occur up to December 31). The application process is competitive and judged on the basis of merit and need. The amount granted may be less than requested. Employees of Queensland Health are prioritised over applicants from other organisations.
You cannot claim for course fees and costs that lead to a graduate diploma or above. You may claim for expenses associated with Certificate courses.
Deadline: This website will be updated when the next round of grants opens.
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In 2018, Cairns Hospital memory clinic senior psychologist Denise Craig (far left) used her education grant to attend a bioethics and health law conference. “I was grateful for the opportunity to present the outcomes of an “end of life law” education series and enrich my own knowledge of the research and perspectives of others,” Ms Craig said. Her role within the health service is primarily one of supporting people living with dementia to live to their post diagnosis potential and “get on with the business of living”.  “It is always important, as a clinician researcher, to share knowledge, potentially motivating others to improve services and patient outcomes and perhaps even to conduct their own research. I sincerely thank the Hospital Foundation for this opportunity,” Ms Craig said.



Each year the Foundation supplies equipment to various sections within the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service and the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service.  
All enquiries regarding equipment grants are to be addressed to the Foundation's CEO Tony Franz.