About Us

Since the Foundation’s inception, it has contributed more than $18 million to improving health care in the Far North.

The Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation that supports Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service, Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service, or in geographical terms - from Cardwell to the Torres Strait.

This area includes nine hospitals, two multi-purpose health services and 53 primary health centres and encompasses a population of about 284,000 people.

Our hospital and health service primary care areas: womens, paediatric, indigenous, men's, cardiac, thoracic and mental health, orthopaedics, general, emergency and tropical medicine, cancer care, medical research, rural and remote, health education including preventative lifestyle strategies.

The Foundation was established in March 1997 under the Hospitals Foundations Act 1982 and various Acts of Parliament.

We are a registered charity with DGR Status 1.


"Superior Health Care in Far North Queensland"


"To contribute to improvement in the quality of health care in Far North Queensland through the funding of modern equipment, facilities, education, training and research and through the provision of support services."

Principal Activities

Fund the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and establishment of first class health related facilities;

Assist in the establishment of Far North Queensland as a centre of excellence in health services by funding, supporting and encouraging education and research;

Provide support services for the patients and staff.

Our Funding

All our administrative costs are paid through commercial operations, meaning every dollar donated or contributed through fundraising goes towards its intended purpose.